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ON THIS PAGE, click to page down: Why we choose to offer these knives to you:
General Crafts & Woodworking Knives ~ Swedish It is our goal to offer you the highest quality
knives that we can find with affordable prices.

 The Japanese, Swedish & Norwegian craftsman
are renowned worldwide for their skill and artistry.
From this, they have developed some of the
greatest "using" knives in the world.

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Specialty Woodcarving Knives ~ Swedish
Specialty Woodcarving Knives ~ Norwegian
Specialty Woodcarving Knives ~ Japanese
Outdoor Utility & Hunting Knives ~ Swedish
Fillet Knives ~ Swedish
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All prices & Information subject to change without notice.

ATTENTION International buyers: If you are ordering from outside the USA, shipping rates are different.  Please contact us at
ALSO, check & know your nation's import laws about knives. We accept no responsibility regarding problems with international laws and/or import duties.

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General Crafts & Woodworking
~ Swedish Mora Knives ~

K101    $10.99
3" blade, slight drop point

out of stock
K102    $10.99
3-1/2" blade

K103   $10.99
3-7/8" blade

K104   $11.99
4-1/8" blade

K106   $19.99
6" blade

  Some folks find the little K101 with its 3" blade, handy for chip carving.
It has a short handle that lets you palm the knife. 
It would also makes a great paring knife. 
     The K104 is only slightly larger than the K101, but for those with large hands it's a useful difference. 
     The 5" and 6" models work well for those folks who require larger blades for their applications.
The Swedish Mora Knife ~ General Purpose 
     These popular knives have smooth wooden handles and Swedish quality high carbon steel blades that hold a great edge!  The blades are about
.098" (2.5mm) thick.  All come with black plastic functional sheaths.
Our Item # Blade Length Ref Mora #
K101 3"  slight drop point


K102 3-1/2" slight drop point


K103 3-7/8" slight drop point


K104 4-1/8" slight drop point


K106 6" slight clip












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Specialty Woodcarving & Woodworking
~ Swedish Mora Knives ~




The K108 Sheep foot knife from Eriksson has the same general pattern of handle as many of their birch handled knifes.  What is unique about this is the design of the blade.  Commonly called a Sheep Foot, the 2-1/2" blade  gives you a lot of power and strength in your cuts because you can apply much downward pressure without flexing the blade.  Blade is made of Swedish high carbon steel making it easy to sharpen and keep sharp.  Blade is about .098" (2.5mm) thick, and the knife comes with functional black plastic sheath.




Similar to above.
Sheep foot knife, bit shorter blade, black plastic handle with nice feel.

Another Sheep foot knife from Mora Frost is the K115 which has the same general blade design as the Eriksson above but it is a bit shorter.  This is actually a utility knife, commonly used by electricians and the like.  However, it is great for so many crafts ~ I keep one on my bench just for all sorts of uses!  Handle is durable solid black plastic.  Blade is made of Swedish carbon steel making it easy to sharpen and keep sharp.  Blade is about .098" (2.5mm) thick, and the knife comes with functional black plastic sheath.


105 BK

Here's a neat woodcarving knife from Mora Frosts with an oversized handle. The handle of the K111 is about 4 3/4" long, and is better shaped to protect the hand of those unused to Scandinavian knives. It would also give ample material for those wishing to carve their own style handle. The blade is 3 1/8" (79mm) long, and shaped for fine carving. The core of the laminated carbon blade is hardened to 61 - 62 on the Rockwell C scale for the finest of edges. No sheath is supplied.  



A  of Swedish carbon steel making it easy to sharpen and keep sharp.  Blade is about .098" (2.5mm) thick, and the knife comes with functional black plastic sheath.



SOLD OUT ~ Sorry!

This K117 is one of my most popular knives for woodcarving & whittling.  Some of you rendezvous guys could wood burn patterns on the nice birch handle, age it up and use it for a patch knife. This is a very traditional Scandinavian carving knife from Mora Frosts. It gives you the ability to work great detail with its blade of laminated carbon steel about 2 1/4" (58 mm) long and .107" thick. The core of the blade is hardened to 61 - 62 on the Rockwell C scale for the finest of edges. The handle is generously sized for a solid grip.



Looks just like the K117 above except the straight side of the blade is sharpened instead of the curved edge.
K122  Chip Carver. Here is another traditional Scandinavian carving knife.  It is just like the K117 above except this one has the STRAIGHT edge of the blade sharpened.  And it has a very sharp point for cutting fine detail! The laminated carbon steel about 2 3/8" (60 mm) long and .112" thick. The core of the blade is hardened to 61 - 62 on the Rockwell C scale for the finest of edges. The 4 1/4" handle is generously sized for a solid grip.



K123 There are particular wood working situations which demand just such a tool as this Chisel knife!  Its blade is sharpened on one edge AND on the squared end of the blade which combines the functions of a knife and a chisel. The blade is just over 3" long, 3/4" wide, and .097" thick. It's beveled on both sides. Very comfortable soft grip handle!



Set of the 3 curved blades for
K125 Swedish MORA Half-Curved Knife
You need this knife!  The blade is what we call a "Half Curve" blade.  The outside is beveled on both sides and the tip.  It is great for working on the inside of gourds, scooping wooden bowls and spoons, scraping the dip in the back of an Osage stave, etc.  Knife measures a little over 6" overall.



K126 Swedish MORA Full-Curved Knife 
Another great carving tool is the "Full Curve" blade.    The outside is beveled on both sides and the tip.  Again, it is great for working on the inside of gourds, scooping wooden bowls and spoons, scraping the dip in the back of an Osage stave, etc.  Knife measures a little over 6" overall. 



K127 Swedish MORA Full-Curved Knife, Pointed Tip
Full curve blade; outside is beveled on one side and the tip is sharp.  Excellent knife for getting into tight areas when carving or cleaning wood such as diamond willow walking sticks or gourd carving or digging out an atlatl dart rest.  Knife measures a little over 6" overall.




K128 Swedish Draw Knife
Very popular knife for all types of wood working.  Whether you need to reduce a block quickly and accurately for carving or want to do some precision bowyering (is that a word?) or make split white oak baskets or carve gun stocks ~ This is a most awesome craft tool!   It is wonderfully sharp.  The double bevel is easy to control.  And if it starts to dull a little, flip it over!  We sharpen these easily using a rotating motion with a fine whetstone and olive oil.  You can, too!  Polished carbon steel blade is about 4.5" x 1".  Overall length 14". 


220       K506

Birch wood handles are contoured for grip.  The
TriFlex carbon steel blade is tempered so that the edge is harder than the spine.  Blade is a little over 4" long and holds a great edge!  This blade is beveled on both sides.  When working Bois d'Arc wood (Osage orange & hedge are other names for this hard, yellow bow wood) if the blade started to feel like it was dulling a little, I'd just flip it over.  It's like it sharpened itself.  As for actual sharpening, what little I did was with olive oil and an Arkansas fine stone, working in a circular motion on the bevel.  Easy!


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~ Norwegian Woodworking Knives ~




picture coming soon!
The K124 Balder a neat little utility knife. The 2" blade makes a handy paring or carving knife. The short grip allows you to palm the blade for chip carving. It comes with a simple leather sheath and unpolished stainless blade. The length overall is about 5", and it would make a neat neck knife or patch knife. These are Swedish priced at only $19.99.



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~ Japanese Woodworking Knives ~

picture coming soon!  K131

picture coming soon!  K132

picture coming soon! K133


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Outdoor Utility & Hunting Knives
~ Swedish Mora Knives ~

$6.00 priority mail.



K113 Outdoors schools seem to really like these as well as the K112.  This knife has a hard red rugged plastic handle with a substantial guard. The handle is about 4 3/8" long, and sized for average and smaller hands. The carbon steel blade is just under 3 3/4". The knife snaps securely in a hard plastic sheath. The weight with the sheath is about 3 1/2 ounces.


740 BK

K114 The carbon steel Craftsmen has about 4 1/8" (106 mm) of blade .079" thick.  A substantial handle of solid plastic had guard to help keep your fingers safe.  The handle is just a bit larger than the 510 shown above so it would work good with average or larger hands. The sheath used with the craftsman series will work with either a right or left handed carry. The knife and sheath weigh 3 1/2 ounces.




K116 The stainless steel Clipper has a 3 7/8" blade of polished stainless steel .079" thick, and a solid military green plastic handle with a checkered black soft rubber coating in the center for improved grip. (LOVE IT) It's supplied with a good quality sheath with a belt hook that can be snapped over the belt edge or pocket so it's also a great canoe or kayak knife!


760 blue

  K109 The Craftsmen has a stainless blade about 4 1/8" long and .079" thick. The blue plastic handle is easy to see when you lay it down, and has a guard to keep your fingers off the edge. The sheath works for either left or right hand carry.


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Fillet Knifes, Fish Knives
~ Swedish Mora Knives ~




K118 Great fillet knife! Sweeping stainless blade is about 6" long, and tapers from about .076" at the base to about .022" toward the tip.  Handle is rugged & solid plastic to give you a lifetime of use at sea ... or maybe just on the lake or river!  Comes with durable sheath.  The knife "clicks/snaps" into the sheath to lock it in securely.  Substantial guard helps protect you from the sharp blade.



K105  Fillet knife with a semi-flexible blade of about 6 1/8".  The TROUT guys are loving this one! Fishing Comfort 155 with easy clean sheath.
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